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The history of the disaster

4.4.1975 Bill Gates leaves with 19 the University of Harvard (without termination) and bases together with his friend Paul Allen the company Microsoft. Both write a programming language for the first commercial Microcomputer, the MITS old air. Seat of the company is Albuquerque (New Mexico, the USA)
1.1.1979 MS pulls after Redmond, a suburb of Seattle (Washington, USA)
1980 IBM order the operating system for its first PC at Microsoft. Gates buys the system QDOS from a programmer, which becomes the name MSDOS (Microsoft Disc operating system). The licenses rinse late billion-totals into the checkouts. Steve Ballmer comes to MS
25.1.1981 Microsoft is a jointstock-company
12.8.1985 First versions of the operating system Windows are developped. Its graphic symbols and the control with the mouse are to facilitate the work on the PC. The windows, in which the application programs ran, could not overlap themselves at that time yet. Additionally there were no special application programs for Windows. Usual programs ran and run also without Windows well. Microsoft decided to licence some functions from competitor Apple, which was substantially further in the development at that time,: Among other things the overlapping windows and the pull-down menus for own programs.
13.3.1986 Microsoft goes to the stock exchange. A proportion cost at that time 21 dollar. It would have been - without attention of new eating ions and stock split - converted about 15,000 dollar worth.
1987 MS sells "Excel for Windows" now.
1988 MS sells "Word for Windows" now.
1990/91 Windows 3.0 are delivered.
24.8.1995 Windows 95 comes on the market. Microsoft announces its commitment in the rapidly growing Internet. The PC is closely with the global computer network verwoben to become.
August 1997 Microsoft and the competitor Apple reveal plans for a co-operation going far.
October 1997 The bundling of the Internet Exploiter with Windows with the software delivery at computer manufacturers leads this practice for illegal to investigations of several public prosecutor's offices in the USA on 20 October explains the US Ministry of Justice.
25.6.1998 Microsoft Windows 98 is available world-wide.
21.7.1998 Steve Ballmer becomes a president of the Microsoft corporation.
19.10.1998 process against MS
13.1.2000 Bill Gates delivers the executive committee presidency of Microsoft to the number two of the enterprise Steve Ballmer.
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