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Infos about Steve Ballmer:

He is the owner of 5 % of stock of Mikrosoft.
Steve Ballmer is after Bill Gates and Paul Allen (all M$) with a fortune of least 23 Mrd. Dollar one of the richest managers of the information-technologie and the fourth richest man of USA. All people of Tunesien had not to work for one year if Steve Ballmer would spend them his money. The gross home product (BIT) of Tunesia is 19 Mrd. Dollar
He is not a technic-freak, he is a businessman

His brand is his voice. The strong voice goes with his big body and his robust way. He is a basketball-fan.

Personal record

  The son of a immigrant from the swiss (worker-familiy) grows up at Detroit.
70th years He studies mathematic at Harvard University. There he get Bill Gates. While his studies he works for the football-team (care for material).
1980 Ballmer works for Microsoft. Befor his job at Microsoft he works for Procter - Gamble
1994 Witness to a marriage of Bill Gates
13.1.2000 Ballmer is the new chairmann of M$. Befor he was the vice-president for sale and marketing.
27.1.2000 Member of Board of directors (Verwaltungsrates) of M$.

A Joke about Ballmer:

After a meeting of the M$-managing committee with the US-government Bill Gates asks Steve Ballmer, what he will doing if he wasn't gone into the Computer-business. Ballmer answers: "10 to 20 years sitting.


You're either a friend or a foe, and you're an enemy now. /
Man ist entweder Freund oder Feind, und Sie sind jetzt ein Feind

Steve Ballmer, President of Microsoft to Pacific Bell CEO David Dorman after Pacific Bell gets Netscape's Web Software

"I am very excited and very honored, these are amazing times full of remarkable opportunities. Microsoft has all of the right stuff -- great people and great technology -- to dramatically take action on a new strategy that builds on the company's heritage of applying software know-how to the new world of software services -- a world we will pioneer along with our partners." ...
"Software is the key to the future. It will drive and accelerate innovations in hardware, wireless, broadband, e-commerce and other fields. Our vision is to create a new services platform that will ignite new opportunities for literally thousands of partners and customers around the world"

Steve Ballmer, executive president, Microsoft

All our customers need is evident. More, more, more Windows.

Steve Ballmer

Ich glaube, das wäre beispiellos und der größte Nachteil, den jemand den Verbrauchern hierzulande antun könnte.

Steve Ballmer

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