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Bills Enemies

During the ascent of Microsoft Bill Gates's made many unpleasant decisions with which he made not only friends itself. Competitors are displaced merciless from the market, other one bought up it, in order to use their technologies for himself.

Andy Grove, Intel Because Microsoft threatened to change the operating system Windows going by that it does not function with Intel chips any longer, if Intel produced further own Internet software.
Steve Jobs, Apple-Chef Because Microsoft threatened to produce no software for Apple any more if they decides to use the Browser software of Netscape and not the Internet Explorer of Microsoft.
Lou Gerstner, IBM-Chef Because in motion set Microsoft all levers, so that the IBM operating system OS/2 does not intersperse itself to aserious competition to Windows.
Mark Andreessen, Netscape-Chef Because Microsoft gives the Internet-Explorer for free to go to the top of the browsermarket. Netscape nearly broke before AOL bought the company.
Larry Ellison, Oracle-Chef In past the best friend of Bill Gates

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