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Infos about William Henry Bill Gates

Date of birth/place 28.10.1955/suborb of Seattle
Parents Lawyer
Nickname Bill "Trey". The name Trey deduces itself from thecomplete name "Wolliam Gates III". Its opponents gaves him another nickname "Gator" (alligator, crocodile).
Hobbies Alleged Gates does not look TV because he is frightend to develop, a "unhealthy interest in banal transmissions"
Polker, Bridge
Reading (favourite books: "Der Fänger im Roggen" of J.D. Salinger, "The great Gatsby" of F. Scott Fitzgerald and "A Seperate Peace" of John Knowles)
Favourite film Films with Carry Grant
Music Frank Sinatra and the stars of the 50's and 40's.
Books "The Road Ahead" of Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold und Peter Rinearson
  "Gates" ("Gates: How Microsoft's Mogul Reinvented an Industry") of Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews
  "Hard-Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire" of James Wallace and Jim Erickson
  "The Microsoft Way: The Real Story of How the Company Outsmarts Its Competition" of Tandall E. Stross
  "I Sing the Body Electronic: A Year With Microsoft" of Gred Moody
  "Microsklaven" ("Microserfs") of Douglas Coupland
  " Barbarians Led by Bill Gates - Microsoft from the Inside" of Jennifer Edstrom and Marlin Eller
1967 Gates and his friend at school Paul Allen starts to develop computerlanguages.
70's Study at the Havard University
middle of 70's Gates and Allen build a version of the computer language BASIC
1975 Gates leaves the university without a examinatin.
1975 Gates and Paul Allen create the company Microsoft in Albuquerque (New Mexico, USA).
1978 Microsoft has 15 employes
1980 Gates succeed the legendary Deale with IBM. IBM use the operating system MSDOS on its computers. Numerous companies follow.
1984 Bill Gates become acquainted with the 5 years older computer entrepreneur Ann Winblad. During virtual dates (e.g. both look at the same time at different places a motion picture film and telephone there after for hours).
1987 Bill Gates and Ann Winblad separate (after the marriage with Melinda 1994 Gates can stay a short-holiday one time a year whith Ann)
1.1.1994 Bill Gates marries Melinda French on Hawaii. Witness at themarriage is Steve Ballmer.
26.4.1996 Bills daughter Jennifer Katherineis born.
Juni 1999 Birth of the 2. child
1999 Bill and his wife gives the biggest Gift (3 milliard US Dollar) ever donated by private people to the "Bill and Melinda gate Foundation".
14./27.1.2000 Resignation
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